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Tell A Better Story

Writing a new start

It’s vital that you know where you come from. And it’s important to understand the forces and choices that have shaped who you have become so far. It’s good information.

But it only gets you so far.

How to Grow An Audience

An audience is, by definition, a group of listeners. You don’t get to have listeners, though, until you have proven that you will listen. You get listeners by listening. And hearing them and attending to what they are saying.

You Should Tell More Stories

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Nothing draws us into a piece of writing like a scene, a piece of life, real or made up. Even if you are trying to make a point, a story is the best way to get that point across.

How Writers Get Their Ideas

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“Where do writers get their ideas?” is the wrong question. Idea generation need not be such a mystery.

Why You Should Pick A Fight With An Expert

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If you are looking for an idea to write about, or for a way to clarify your ideas on a particular subject, pick a fight. Start a heated discussion with the thoughts of another in the seclusion of your writing desk in order to get the juices flowing. Pick somebody big, somebody tough.

Writer, Check Your Feelings At The Desk

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Our emotional response to the writing while the writing is in progress may get in the way of getting the work done.

Why Reading Makes You A Better Writer

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The development of your writing ability depends on your willingness to be exposed to the writing of others in large quantities over a long period of time. If you won’t and don’t read what others write, you won’t improve your writing.

How To Manufacture Time To Write

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One of the terrible facts of modern life is that almost all of our available time has already been claimed. This is how we create and reclaim time to do something meaningful and productive.

How to Reward Yourself The Right Way

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Why is it we want to reward our good behavior by giving ourselves permission to engage in the bad behavior that we are trying to leave behind?

Why Be An Authority?

Seth Godin said something interesting on his blog this last Monday.

It doesn’t really matter what he said. What matters is that he said it.