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How to Reward Yourself The Right Way

Photo Credit: joshjanssen via Compfight cc

Why is it we want to reward our good behavior by giving ourselves permission to engage in the bad behavior that we are trying to leave behind?

Why Be An Authority?

Seth Godin said something interesting on his blog this last Monday.

It doesn’t really matter what he said. What matters is that he said it.

How to Care for Your Future Self

There’s not a bunch of media attention payed to stories about people who look back on their early selves with gratitude.

That really should change, if not in the cultural conversation as a whole, at the very least in our personal vocabulary.

How to Discover Your Own Unique Message

Judy Carter is a comedian turned public speaking teacher. And she is great at both.

But I think her real genius shows in how she discovered her working niche in this world.